Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Music

I've been writing songs since I was twelve and have grown invested in it. It envelops my soul and keeps me thinking in those last moments before I fall asleep. Music is, by far, the language I like to abide by. Last night I had the open mike of my life. In a cozy, warmly lit coffee shop, I mustered up the courage to be the second one up. It was my third time playing and the nerves had not yet been shaken. But I sang and played and felt it. And when I played my last note, there were cheers, and I grinned shyly. The light was fading outside and getting pulled from the city by the sunset. I cooled off and walked through the hum drum, lucid streets surrounding that little dive, with content in my belly. And I felt peaceful and happy with my place in the world at that time in my life, and laughed. The night roared on and did so with tenderness and intimacy and God given capacity. I felt inspired and savvy and walked on to the sidewalk when the shop closed and the street lights glowed down on us; knowing that everyone will know everything if they just listen.

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