Friday, August 5, 2011

Beach Days

With the U.S Open rolling into town, the beach and sun is all I want at the moment. And of course the chance to see Rob Machado once more but that's another story. The weekend is here and its time breath in the summer and enjoy all it gives, and most of all have fun and... be happy. Time takes nothing from those who live life, and if you really are alive, time has no relevance. Every day is something significant and something that can not be regretted and spoiled by time. Is it any coincidence that when you have time, you don't live and when you don't have time, you do? How bout, whether you do or don't have enough time, you live?! And then we can stop acting like the fleeting summer is the cause to are lifelessness, and let go; and let the beach days come and go as they please, so we can finally smile at the sun and cheer for the playful surfers riding their waves like nothing else matters. I want to laugh and play and dance this weekend and there is nothing in the world I'd rather be doing. 

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