Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The U.S Open was wild. I admit, it was possibly so wild it made me a little sick. And yes, right before Surfer Blood was about to play, I left. Because, I was claustrophobic and spiteful. When did I become such a square?! Everything was fine and fun and dandy and yet, I let the fools spoil my good time. People aren't always who I want them to be.  Everyone is equally imperfect. I don't want to become an old grumpy fart that judges others.  I'm still young and vibrant and full of love and want to utilize that. It's good that people are different and that we aren't all the same because that's what makes us creations that can be personally loved and irreplaceable. I want to be a kid again. Open eyed and naive. With no preconceptions or inhibitions.
Wild and reckless and foolish and silly. 
"To live in the modern world is to master the art of putting up your walls just as fast as you can tear them down"


  1. I think we alllll wish we could pack up and go to New York, such an amazing city :)

    -Laura xox

  2. These photos are amazing -super inspiration :)

  3. What an awesome mix of wild and reckless and foolish and silly photos!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

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